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Audiobook Diet

I am about to fulfill my resolutions that I made in 2010. Furthermore, I’ve really enjoyed listening to audiobooks because I feel as if the god gave me this as a present from the heaven. I found it hard to quit smoking, but it seems it is easier to put myself on a diet sucessfully. The secrets of my diet are recording diet and changes in my thinking. I invented what I call “Audiobook Diet”.


As is often the case with putting yourself on a diet, people are likely to push themselves when they can’t lose weight no matter how hard they try. This is what I call “self-destructive” diet. In such situations, I would like to remind you of the following rule: “Do not think of your weight too much. It’s better to see your weight transition on Excel. Most people likely think dieting is tough, but I believe you could reduce your weight more easily if you changed your mind. In the first place, you can’t continue to improve as long as you think it difficult. If you think it fun, you can continue effortlessly. This mindset is important. Let’s convert what you think tough into what you think fun.


The diet that I thought of is what I call “Audiobook Diet”. This diet is basically based on recording your diet, by which you just record what you have eaten every day. Then, I add one more thing. It’s better to walk. However, it is tough to just walk because walking is not very fun. We need to put something fun into it. That something is audiobooks. Audiobook Diet is something like “Oh! I’ve reduced my weight, listening to audiobooks!” I have listened to audiobook since I encountered the audiobook culture in Calgary. In Japan, we also have audiobooks in Japan, but very different. The number of audiobooks is small. I was impressed by the number of audiobooks in the U.S because almost all the books have audiobook edition. As far as I have seen, audiobook culture is based on long driving hours to offices or travels by cars in the U.S. It’s boring to drive for so many hours that the Americans, who put a great importance on efficiency, invented audiobooks.



I used to listen to only music, but I have been listening to novels and business books. I want to listen to interesting audiobooks in the morning. That’s why I have enjoyed getting up earlier than ever. I started listening to audiobooks for reducing my weight. Now, my original intention has changed and audiobooks are now my primary entertainment.



I have never thought that it would be fun to get up earlier in the morning every day. I have become an early bird, successfully having reduced my weight and improved my English. Audiobook Diet is something like “Killing three birds with one stone”. I’ve got a miracle by combining recording diet with audiobooks.


I think we could make ourselves feel happier by believing the “calling” mindset. I thought about this after inventing “Audiobook Diet”. That is, we coud take advantage of Max Weber’s theory or observation about religious protestant people in The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism. Modern capitalism based on equity investment originally stems from the puritanical lives of Protestant people. The Protestant believed that working was the same as praying to the God. Their lives were simple. They didn’t buy excessive amount of things. They could naturally put aside money because of their life style. Then, they donated their money as acts of philanthropy. Later, donating money to philanthropy was turning into investing money for corporations. Based on the culture, Max Weber concluded that modern capitalism was based on the Protestant Ethic.


Going back to audiobook diet, I would like to take advantage of the concept of the Protestant Ethic. Working is praying to the God. Then, why not walking to praying to the God?


Walking every day is not a hard thing, but if you think listening to audiobooks while walking is the best moment in our day, then we can continue to walk endlessly. As we love Hollywood movies, we just listen to audiobooks to get ourselves excited. In this regard, however, it is better to make this rule: Do not listen to audiobook except for walking basically because walking itself is the core of audiobook diet.


I need to show you my results here. Since I started audiobook diet, I have successfully been able to lose 15kg in 2 years.